Business model

Flussu is a business solution.

Mille Isole is a start-up and the producer of the workflow software named 'Flussu'. The business model that we have imagined for Flussu, both for costs and for our availability, is B2B2C: supporting and managing professional customers and resellers. Our goal is in fact to grow together with a small number of customers (professionals and resellers) who will then provide services and support to their end customers. In fact, if we remain focused on the product we can expand its functionality and stability, making it more powerful and applicable to a greater number of solutions: if the product grows, our customers will have more services to offer to expand their customer base. Growing togheter.

What we do therefore is to allow technicians (analysts, problem solvers, programmers, webmasters, etc.) to know the product in depth and to learn how to manage it correctly, through documentation and online video courses. In the not too distant future (by 2021) there will also be a 'social' area where all technicians will participate to discuss implementations, find elegant solutions and / or discuss new and / or future features.
However, it is impossible to disdain the curious and geeks (like us!), So if you want you can easily enter and try Flussu, but you will have to choose a reseller to get support and resell your workflows.