FLUSSU - Agile Workflow Bot

clever change management

Modern technologies

The solution works on open source's systems, talk REST/JSON and uses PHP as the base programming language.

Scalable by design

Flussu is a "microservices" based software, specifically designed to let you can use it in distributed systems.


It needs just html, css and javascript to be executed on clients: any device, anywhere and in any language.

 Agile Technologies

Use as an agile instrument and open the editor while you talk with your customes, built hte process and test, then develop all the features.

 Active functionalities

We have a 35 years developing experience, so we know that solutions are infinte. We write down a bunch of the one really useful, you can add any of your program functions.


We are in the internet era: in the USA 250 million users mostly talk 2 languages. In Europe 500 million users talks 25 languages.
How many customer can you reach now?


The whole solution is written on secure basis, the one needed for any REST/JSON solutions.

In the era of agile design, Flussu is a tool that breaks down the critical issues of the "fourth dimension": the changing management.

Anyone who works in IT solutions knows very well that when the customer tell his needs, at least the 35% of the problem will be discovered during the development phase.

That's why "agile technologies" became a very useful problem solving philosophy. But sometimes the developer's team is way too much agile... and changing needs broke the solution.

One week before the release, during demo...

... customer says "damn! I'm so sorry, but I have forget to say thet we need to verify the phone number... And we need this solution in another language!"
Ask -> done.

Agile build & simplest change management

Your customer needs user data acquire, check and so on? Nothing more simple: set blocks for data acquisition, insert code for the checks, and play it.

How it works

Solution for ANY Business

Flussu is hosted and runs on our webserver, then even you have a static website without scripting nor database and need to profile users, or get questions and reply by email, or asking to compile an on line test or questionaire, or want to implement a special function, or if you are developing a complex application using scripting language, database, and so on, Flussu is the right solution for you.
Even if you prefer to have Flussu running on your servers it is the right solution for you!

Features Static website Dynamic website Complex solution
Verifying user's emails and/or phone num
Get question/compile questionaire
Add special features/functions
Check for data from outer website/solution
Directly put results on your database


NOTA BENE: Questo sito è ancora in definizione così come il pricing, che si deve intendere solo dimostrativo.

Trying to let everyone get his solution, we have different prices for different services from simple to complex...



Basic user - 3 workflow

  • Limited to 500 users/workflow
  • Discount if you pay a year in advance
  • E-mail send/verify
  • Unlimited languages



Personal - 10 workflow

As "Basic", plus:

  • Limited to 1000 users/workflow
  • SMS option



Business - 25 workflow

As "Personal", plus:

  • Limited to 3000 users/workflow
  • 100 SMS included
  • 1 workflow design

True agile technology

As you can read in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development: "practices involve discovering requirements and developing solutions through the collaborative effort of teams and their customer(s)/end user(s).
It advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement, and it encourages flexible responses to change.
Flussu is an instrument that helps teams and end users to design solutions togheter.

Power for growing Business

Since the number of your cusomers grown, you need more people or more power

During the pandemic era, the internet presence of small businesses are grown dramatically, because a big mass of potential customers are using internet due to social distance. So every small and medium business are requesting better internet presence, better services, clever solutions that can be changed as soon as possible.

 If you are a internet professional or a small business company, you need clever solutions and smart instruments to reply to the incremental demand...

If you prefer to lost opportunities that's right, and stay slow and small, what can we do for you? It's just your business.
But if you want to increment your potential business simply using one of the smartest instriment on the market right now, then we are here to help you growing your business.

Let us give you a free workflow to let you understand how many new possibilities and capabilities you can obtain.

You can register an account for free, you can use Flussu completely for free, and you can have a functiona workflow for you totally free of use for one year! You can use for your business or just to check the Flussu capabilities. And if you became a regolar customer, your first/demo workflow can stay for free for two years!

 Free of use Flussu, a personal workflow and a value of 60€ totally free! So, what you are waiting for? Came on board, register today!

Click on top of page, the "register" or "user" button, and insert your data, you can access video course and the editor that let you start your new business!